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  • Best Core Exercises for Runners

    With Inwood’s amazing parks, running in Uptown Manhattan is incredibly popular. Because of this we get a huge amount of runners training at Hanuman Health Club. Our group strength classes focus heavily on core strength and integration, so let’s have a look at why this is particularly important to runners. Core training for runners? When we run the core acts to stabilize the pelvis and the spine, connecting and transferring power from your upper to lower body. This helps increase your efficiency limit any by limiting energy leaks or ‘wobbliness’, making you a faster runner with better endurance. Of course core training is not the silver bullet to take ....

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  • Why and how to incorporate play into your exercise.

    Picture this. You just googled "small group training gyms in Washington Heights" and found Uptown Movement. Pictures online look pretty cool. It has all the fun stuff: kettlebells, barbells, climbing ropes. All the stuff you want to learn so you register for a class, jump on a train, and here you are. Instead of swinging some kettlebells around, the coach is asking you crawl while juggling a balloon and next she has you trying to hit a complete stranger with a PVC pipe. You think to yourself, "this is kinda fun, but what the eff does this have to do with exercise?". That reaction makes sense, but I assure you, there is a method to the madness. Like everything at Uptown Movement, our ....

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  • What is FLow Training and how to use it.

    Pushing my left hand into the center forward’s chest was all I needed to steal a yard and get to the ball ahead of him. I caught it cleanly and burst down the field passing it off to Donal O’Sullivan in midfield. I continued down the wing, I was fast and knew I’d beat the next man if I got the ball back. I did and the run was timed perfectly with the pass. My speed carried me through the tackle. I repeated the move, this time passing it on to the wing forward, Paddy Clancy. When I got it back, I was about 35 yards from goal just to the right. Without thinking about it, I just dropped the ball onto the outside of my right boot and kicked across the ball. The ball ....

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  • 5 Tips to keep consistent during the Holidays

    5 Tips to keep consistent during the Holidays

    Set, swing, hit, split. Set, swing, hit, split. Two small logs chopped, not even a fraction of what I need to heat the cabin and cook the day’s food. Dragging fallen trees through the forest had already worked up a sweat. Pushing and pulling the saw through the logs even more so, but hoisting the 8lb sledge hammer over my head with power and accuracy was brutal. After two hours of twisting, swinging and slamming the hammer I was exhausted and I really stunk. There is maybe an hour before dark sets in, if I am to wash up before dinner I have to go now, the swimming hole is a 20 minute hike away. It’s 2 degrees Celsius outside (I’ll never get used to ....

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  • Why you need to incorporate power training.

    We are told resistance training is key, aerobic training is key and flexibility that’s key too, but we seldom hear of the importance of power training for us nonprofessional athlete folks. Think of power training and thoughts of Usain Bolt doing some crazy exercise routine or a boxer doing rounds on a bag are sure come to mind. Of course, that is power training but just because us regular Joe and Jane Soaps aren’t planning on togging out in the Olympics any time soon doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be training that vital attribute. In fact, we might argue that we should be training it even more. You see, every activity we do whether on the playing ....

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  • R.P.E

    Out of 10 how hard are you working right now. 10 feeling like your spleen is going to vacate your body if you do 1 more rep and 0 having a similar sensation to sitting on the beach sipping pina coladas or nutcrackers (if you know you know) If you have taken a class with us before you most likely heard us say something like this. Why, you might wonder? It helps us figure out if we need to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise program for you and it helps you make a more tangible connection to what you are doing and your body's ability to meet the demand. R.P.E: Short for rate of perceived exertion, is a tremendous tool in learning how hard you are working and if ....

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  • “Pain is weakness leaving the body”. Oh shut up you idiot!"

    It’s very easy to think of exercise and activity as not having an effect unless it leaves us heaved over sucking air or drowning in a pool of sweat. No pain, no gain. Sweat is a weakness leaving the body. Insert any other catchy slogan devised by some group of gobshites sitting around the marketing offices of Nike. Said same group of gobshites have probably never studied a thing with regard to training, if they have that’s even more embarrassing. Just trying to kill yourself in the gym to get healthy is tantamount to an eating disorder. It might provide temporary psychological or emotional relief but it is not how exercise or health works in the long term. Really ....

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  • Our level based system

    Our level based system

    When Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote ‘foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds’ he was referring to the surge and play of life that we miss out on by conforming too tightly to strict concepts in a world that is always changing. I, like most people, have never been a huge fan of change but I have always embraced it. When I was 24 and couldn’t muster a smile or any love for life, I knew what was needed. I had to change course and pursue my passion. My original goal was to work with solely professional athletes, when I achieved this I realized this wasn’t my passion. My passion was helping everybody find a deeper connection to their bodies. I ....

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  • We are all Mary

    Let me tell you about Mary, a young woman living on 82nd and Lexington Avenue. When I first met her, life was going well. Recently married, house hunting and looking to become vice president of her team at a big marketing company. So all was well in the world of Mary, except her exercise and movement regime. She came to me looking to add more to her routine. She was consistently getting injured and feeling like her progress was stalling. Although an avid exerciser, she felt like she wasn’t progressing the same way she did when she first started exercising. The obvious solution in her mind was to add more. After a quick discussion examining her lifestyle, healthful choices and a ....

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  • Recommended Hike, Blackhead Mountain.

    Recommended Hike, Blackhead Mountain.

    I love Blackhead mountain as a hike. I have done various routes of it two times this winter. The drive up there is stunning you get meander up Route 23 past the beautiful Kaaterskil falls. You could even detour there on the way to or on your way back to spend some time at the falls. Blackhead Mountain Loop is about 5 miles of a pretty steep ascent. I would certainly rate it as hard, but on the lower end of hard. Just because the distance is not that big. However, the views are amazing and well worth the hardship. Park at the trailhead at the end of Big Hollow Road. Find the red-blazed Black Dome range Trail and hike .6 miles. At this point I would recommend doing the loop ....

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