Uptown Movement Reviews

This place might charge Equinox prices for a monthly membership, but it's COMPLETELY worth it. I've been going to the explore classes for a couple of weeks, and the experience has been wonderful. I hate working out and have never been able to keep up a gym routine. I actually look forward to going to class now. Disclaimer - if you are not a fan of CONSTANT feedback, this place is not for you. I love it. The trainers are very knowledgeable and will immediately correct, adjust or modify exercises in the moment. Come through!

Giselle Jimenez

Beautiful, open-concept, functional training gym with indoor and outdoor space. Quiet, uncrowded atmosphere, with digital turnkey access. Friendly, smart staff, offering a variety of one on one and group training, developing and educating members.

Dan Daly

A great local place with local trainers. Eoghan, the owner, is amazing. Their space is clean, open, and has a good energy to it. The outdoor space in the back is an incredible oasis!! There is something for everyone, even kids and older adults, and everyone in between! Go!

Shawna Emerick

The classes and instructors here are amazing. If typical gyms and workout classes bore you, or if you have injuries and need super knowledgeable instructors, do yourself a favor and join. In addition to that, the community is great - members are a diverse bunch of locals who care about the neighborhood and support your goals. They also recently changed locations to make improvements to the space!

Rebecca Mir

This place is a gem. Sticks out like a sore thumb and is home to some of the most caring and most intelligent personal trainers I know. Working out here is always a blast and the community here is easy to get along with.

Fermin Andujar

I've never LOVED going to the gym before. The trainers are the best. Variations are given as much as encouragement. This is a no-shame zone. It's a wonderful community, all getting fit, strong, and healthy together. C'mon along!

Connie Vasquez

Hanuman is fantastic. The classes are smart and challenging and thoughtful. I have a lot of injuries and Eoghan, the owner and an instructor, always modifies for my needs while encouraging me to grow. Other instructors are equally talented and extremely well trained. I have less pain, am stronger and feel better than I have in years. Plus the community is fantastic. Diverse and mutually supportive. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Robin Aronson

Great place to get to know and understand your body. Classes are geared for all levels and modified for your personal abilities. Trainers are super knowledgeable and supportive of your goals. The small class size gives you the attention you need and tests your own personal limits. Best club to join in Inwood. Oh and the new space is awesome.

Robert Salzler

Best gym ever!! Online, in person, yes this really is the best. Small group classes make it feel I’m having a personal training session every time I work out. And that’s true of the online classes too. I’ve belonged to many gyms over the years and spent a lot of time on cardio while grabbing some weights here and there, but at Hanuman I’ve learned how to properly strength train. Now I’m confident using kettlebells and maces (and sand bags, my made-at-home pandemic weights of choice), have improved my overall mobility and balance, learned about breathing, and can even do cardio better then before. The community is inclusive, diverse and welcoming. Can’t recommend Hanuman more highly!

Ciara Daniels

Great Gym and very knowledgeable instructors! They offer ample opportunities to be challenged through small classes and a common vision. Hanuman has changed the way I think about my fitness practice.

Cecilia M. Espinosa


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