About Uptown Movement

A space for gymnasts, dancers, movers, strength athletes, and those who have never seen a gym before but are eager to learn.

We are a community gym where coaches and members help and teach each other to progress along their own unique journeys.

This is not a gym for those pumping iron while looking in the mirror, or a place where music blares while an instructor screams at you through a microphone.

We are a place for people who care about getting stronger, about moving better, about getting more mobile. For those who want to learn how to do amazing things with their bodies while not getting hurt. For those who want to share their knowledge and skill with people just starting out. A place for those who get motivation from a community and those who appreciate space and quiet surroundings. We are a place for everybody.

Born in Inwood and deeply attached to the neighborhood. It began with our founder, Eoghan, running a class in Indian Hill park in 2014 and grew all the way to our own space now open on Sherman Avenue.

Our goal is to empower our members to not only want to make movement and exercise a lifelong habit and part of their routine, but also to educate them as to how to create their own practice. Rather than just telling you what to do, we want to teach you the why's behind the process! This way, you'll have more ownership over your movement and exercise journey.

We run classes for small groups of up to 10 along with Personal Training and classes designed specifically for those who want to move well and add strength training to their exercise routine.

Our Personal Training program is ideal for those with a very specific health or fitness goal, high level athletes and movers or those coming back from an injury.

Our open gym membership is for those who want the peace and luxury of training in a private gym but the support of a knowledgeable community.

In all of our training, we embrace a holistic approach to health and fitness. We understand that the body does not just need high intensity or strength, mobility or yoga training. Instead, we combine various forms of training and recovery to help you reach your highest unique potential.

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Our Members Come From:

  • New York
  • Inwood
  • Washington Heights
  • Uptown
  • Fort George
  • Fort Washington
  • Marble Hill
  • Riverdale
  • Hamilton Heights
  • Upper West Side
  • Harlem


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